OGNL Boba - Clearance Sale

The Original! You already know and love the drink: The popular, milky-smooth, boba milk tea. Imagine that in e-liquid form, with a light touch of jasmine to really make it pop. Creamy, but not heavy, sweet, but not too sweet, OGNL JazzyER Boba has exploded onto the e-juice scene and developed a huge fan following for good reason. You’ll know why the moment it touches your lips.

The second e-liquid from the creators of OGNL Boba, DewwyER Boba takes the popular OGNL Boba flavor, removes the floral Jasmine notes, and replaces them with ripe, succulent honeydew melon, resulting in a delicious honeydew boba milk tea.

And now introducing MangoER Boba.