Positron by Antimatter Positron - Caramel Pear
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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Positron by Antimatter

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Positron - Caramel Pear
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Positron by Antimatter

Positron - Caramel Pear

Currently, a war is being fought in candy isles around the world regarding caramels. Hard candy enthusiasts claim soft caramels stick to their teeth. Soft candy enthusiasts say hard caramels aren''t creamy enough and take too long to consume. Well, friends, we present you with the solution to all your confectionary woes, and it doesn't have to be unwrapped! The latest offering from Anti-Matter Liquids, Positron, brings you the best of both worlds and adds a unique twist. Hard candy caramel dominates the inhale and gives way to a chewy, soft caramel exhale while maintaining crisp pear notes throughout. Some pear-ings were just meant to be!


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