REMIX - Red Label + Banana Creme
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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

REMIX - Red Label + Banana Creme

REMIX - Red Label + Banana Creme

REMIX - Red Label + Banana Creme

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Remix - Red Label + Banana Creme

Your voice is entirely unique in this world; an entity unmatched by any other voice. What's amazing is that it took multiple voices to create your unique voice. Essentially, we're all Remixes that are completely original and can't be replicated! Here at VapingCollective, we were intrigued by this paradigm and decided to Remix our own "Best Of" playlist! We've hand-picked flavor combinations that will blow you away regardless of your unique mixing style. Be original! Be Bold! Remix your voice the way you want it to be heard!


Red Label + Banana Creme

Classics are called "classics" for a reason! Classics have been found, over time, to be undeniably brilliant regardless of the subject matter. In the flavor world, one such classic is the dynamite combination of strawberry and banana! In true Remix fashion, the banana-meter control is in your hands. It's your decision whether your Remix turns out "Capuchin" crazy or "King Kong" killer! Choose wisely.


What's in the box?

60ml - Reverb Red Label - Extra Strawberry Fruit Chew

60ml - Banana Creme

Empty 60ml Chubby Mix Bottle

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