WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tank Cartomizer Product Review

Is it a tank? Is it a cartomizer? Well it is both.. Offering the ease of use as a cartomizer and the conveniences of a tank all rolled up into one awesome product. Well actually have two great products we will first be reviewing the Vision Clear Cartomizer
 This is no normal cartomizer it is surrounded by a 2.5ml tank and the liquid is soaked up to the atomizer with 2 wicks. It produces a good amount of vapor a nice throat hit and Great Flavor. Durable and ridge construction. Works with all sizes of eGo Batteries and has been reported to work on 510's as well but I have not tried it yet. Overall I give this a 4.5 out of 5 Stars Next we will be reviewing the 5ml Dual Coil Tank Cartomizer
If you are a fan of the dual coil cartomizers then you will already be familiar with these and will really LOVE it. This is a 5ml tank with a dual coil cartomizer in the center, the interchangeable cartomizer has 3 small holes punched in the sides to allow liquid to seep into the cartomizer  so no more vaping your cartomizer dry. Overall this is a 5out of 5 stars Durable construction, No leeks, produces GREAT vapor, and nice throat hit to wrap up this review TANK CARTOMIZERS are a GREAT MESS FREE alternative to the standard eGo Tanks.
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510-T for $30 this weekend ONLY!!

We have expanded our retail location so that means SALE TIME!! This weekend only all 510-T kits will be $30.00 all 510-T Atomizers are $5 and empty Tanks are $1
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